Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Today I'm not so busy but I have problems with my Mac :)
And here are the photos of the Fisico S/S 12 collection which I saw last Monday thanks to my dear friend Deborah from Easy and Chic! It was so interesting and I had a really good time there... it's a pity that I was 1,5 hour late due to the traffic jams in Milan which drove me mad!
But finally I managed to see the last moments of the show and to take these photos.
I really enjoyed the collection especially the long floral dress.
Actually I think those dresses fit for people with yachts... and unfortunately I don't even own one small boat.


  1. Ecco!!! Io sono ancora indietro complimenti per le foto! Le mie preferite sono le ultime due col vestito a fiori! Baci! D

  2. mmm nice, długa sukienka w kwiaty jest piękna ale do niej trzeba mieć nie tylko jacht, ale też 180cm a mnie brakuje tego i tego...:)

  3. Hai colto un'atmosfera molto chic-